Sadie Hart & the High Vibes


After seeing Manuscript (on 2 different nights), I have a tremendous respect for your abilities as an actor. However, I had no idea that you are ALSO a singer/songwriter...and a dancer...and a yogi. That covers all of the worlds that I follow. :-)
That's an impressive range...and I can also appreciate the difficulty in keeping all of those things going at the same time.

It was wonderful to find out a little more about you last night.

I couldn't find you on That's my main way of staying in the loop on music gigs. (I have followed you on FB & Instagram, of course...although I remember that you're on a social media fast)

Please stay in touch, and let me know anytime that you perform (or even if you are thinking about attending something like a kirtan! :^)

I'm glad you ended up in Nashville for this next phase of your career!


Sadie Hart & the High Vibes responded on 02/22/2016

Thank you for your sweet message! I am on BandsinTown now, and have been updating my upcoming gigs, so hopefully you can find me there! Thank you so much for your support--and yes, definitely hoping to find more kirtan's soon. That was AWESOME!!

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